Strike Journal: The Calm Before…

To me ,you are yellow, something like puss.
I’m talking right now so you just hush.
You can huff & puff, or puff & huff.
I’ve had all I can take of this messy stuff.
I can’t take no more,
I’ve had enough! -Joe Hill


We’re sitting in limbo at the moment. Tuesday we voted unanimously in favour of strike action at work. Now we wait for the paper work to be filed with the proper agencies and shoved into the various nooks and crannies of government.

Tom Petty said waiting is the hardest part. This is true in this situation. I’m waiting with an excited nervousness. Even tho I anticipate things will work out for the best, in life nothing is certain. So we wait till we see if our employers will unpuff their chests and actually give us the offer we want. We aren’t asking for anything unfair. Simply that we make the same as our direct competitors make for doing the same job. Or less work if you count all the incidental personal assistant type bullshit we’re expected to do.

They are helpless without us. They just don’t want to realize that. The day is coming that they will have no choice but to accept that. Three weeks from now I should be walking the line, with guitar and sign, singing songs made famous in the labour struggles of the 20th century. I’ve been reading my Joe Hill and Woody Guthrie, listening to Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan, all in preparation for a potentially dirty fight.

More to come Brothers and Sisters. more to come.

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