Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-06-11

  • Photo: http://tumblr.com/x1p20fd5w #
  • "take my name and throw it away
    play the part I was born to play
    still the same man I was yesterday
    take my name and throw it away" #
  • The songkick.com stuff reminded me of the shots I took at the kathleen edwards show last year. http://snipurl.com/jw4o7 #
  • playing with songkick.com. Very cool. http://www.songkick.com/users/jasonwalsh #
  • Hurm. Bedouin Soundclash playing at Element next month? *ponders* #
  • Photo: I am? Shit! Thank god they told me. http://tumblr.com/x1p20dz21 #
  • Java apps how I hate you so. >..< #
  • Video: Jump Jump! http://tumblr.com/x1p20dcny #
  • all I was doing was asking if I should build my new website using something like wordpress as a back end. jesus dude. No need to freak! :) #
  • Audio: @joshhfercho is excited for some reason. http://tumblr.com/x1p20csv6 #
  • Just watched some old video from Christmas where the entire family did a rousing rendition of this. Three guita… ? http://blip.fm/~80fam #
  • Video: Dug an old video out of the vault. Want to work more on this. Its a little impromptu messing about on… http://tumblr.com/x1p20bzdu #
  • nom… giant slushie #
  • Our company board of directors is having a four way screaming match in hindi. They wonder why nothing gets done. Ever. #
  • Went outside in the parking lot and a homeless guy.. looked at me. Got on all fours and growled…. yeah. I got nothing. #
  • Photo: GPOYW Heading to work groggy and sleep deprived. Don’t I look thrilled? http://tumblr.com/x1p20and6 #
  • My work computer was possessed by the devil. I gave them a free hour of tech support. I'm now able to work. Yay? #
  • Can't count all the ways I'd die for you girl, and all they can say is Hes not your kind ? http://blip.fm/~7zzvx #
  • Trying to pysch myself outta bed with some pulp fiction. http://twitpic.com/72kff #
  • Girl. You'll be a woman soon. #
  • Photo: (via tmblg) http://tumblr.com/x1p2092f7 #
  • Another day. Another six hours of nightmare filled sleep. :/ also. I missed opportunity for free lunch at chandlers. Damn these hours. A #
  • I remember when I used to sleep like a normal human being. Those were good times. #
  • Love.. I see you there. Adrift on the air. Floating by the open window. ? http://blip.fm/~7yrul #
  • a meandering post-midnight poem… – There is no love left here. Not behind the door. Not on the window sills… http://tumblr.com/x1p203an0 #
  • "Sleep, those little slices of death; Oh how I loathe them." – Edgar Allan Poe (via ennuiprayer) http://tumblr.com/x1p203a4g #
  • wow.. the new firefox build sure is fast. Nice! Very nice. #

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