Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-06-10

  • LOL. Walked out of my GTA 4 apartment and ran into a guy running down the street. Hit him with the door. He fell over and got arrested. Lol #
  • The talkradar podcast is making things a little better. "you know that zombies song? Cranberries?" LOL. #
  • Ice Ice Mickey? Seriously Disney? #
  • I can barely move. It's like every tiny bit of energy has been sucked out of me. Been home ten minutes. Tv and lights still off. :/ #
  • she asked me if she reminded me of you? I laughed and lit a cigarette and said "that's impossible to do." ? http://blip.fm/~7yjva #
  • "Jesus, bad waves of paranoia, madness, fear and loathing – intolerable vibrations in this place. Get…" http://tumblr.com/x1p20145r #
  • "The possibility of physical and mental collapse is now very real. No sympathy for the Devil, keep that…" http://tumblr.com/x1p2013sw #
  • Well this came out of nowhere…not fun :'( #
  • Erie. David Carradine is in tonight's episode of Mental. #
  • Photo: ummmmmm… yes please? theslyestfox: http://tumblr.com/x1p1zzlhe #
  • Audio: A civil war era song. Maybe one of the saddest ever written. I wish my baby was born – Uncle Tupelo http://tumblr.com/x1p1zynr3 #
  • Conservative Christian, Right-Wing Republican, Straight White American males… ? http://blip.fm/~7y27v #
  • Tension is all that I know… ? http://blip.fm/~7y1ov #
  • This song has come up on shuffle quite often the last few days. Love it. It's ridiculously appropriate to my li… ? http://blip.fm/~7y0fj #
  • Photo: “Frédéric Fucking Chopin” – Doc Holliday via mcjerk http://tumblr.com/x1p1zxyh8 #
  • Video: Scribblenauts: God vs The Kraken! I don’t own a DS but I will just so I can play this game… wow. http://tumblr.com/x1p1zxv72 #
  • Photo: Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in IronMan 2 http://tumblr.com/x1p1zxmrj #
  • Video: Hitler finds out The Mars Volta’s “Octahedron” is an acoustic pop album http://tumblr.com/x1p1zxlks #
  • It's morning in the afternoon. #
  • It made me forget a word. That's how cold! #
  • Pro tip: If you're going to get up in the middle of the night to work on a song, put on pants first. That guitar is going to cold. #
  • Nancy Botwin is back! #

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