Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-04-29

  • Friday is a long way’s away. #
  • Guess who gets to work a double? I DO I DO!!!!! #
  • “You can listen to me now or I’ll tell you after you shoot me.” The Heroes line of the season.:D #
  • I joined twitter on 26 January 2007 – http://whendidyoujointwitter.com ? #
  • whoops.. forgot the link. http://tinyurl.com/cfd2gy #
  • new Dead Rising 2 trailer. can’t wait! #
  • I may, or may not, be falling asleep at work. #
  • Sandwich!!

    I’m hoping one will just show up. That’s The Secret, right? #

  • Alas my 360 makes it’s last futile march across the water. #

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