Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-04-14

  • Ugh. Laptop won’t connect to the wireless for some reason. #
  • I would forsake my house and home. / I’d forsake my baby./ I’d forsake my husband too. / for the love of blackjack davey #
  • Yeah. Play the blues greg! #
  • Suhweet. Another date set for Sunday. #
  • Getting my sisters new acer aspire all tricked out for her. #
  • If there was ever any doubt why following Marri is a good idea. lolz RT @Marri One day I want to ride an ostrich. #
  • we have shipped… final code is off to ottawa for approval.. #
  • Cm Db G# Fm #
  • Ok.. Internet Explorer got a swift nut punch and now it’s working. Working as well as IE does anyway. #
  • Don’t reach out for me, she said. Can’t you see I’m drowning too. ? http://blip.fm/~49l7b #
  • Awake? At noontime? I guess passing out on your couch has some benfits. #

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