Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-04-12

  • Chevy Chase and Scott Bakula are on Chuck now? Awesome. #
  • well that woman was unpleasant #
  • ok.. The HNIC theme worked.. (thx @kevinaschenbren) now want to hit rubber with wood. #
  • “cmon barbie, lets go party!” no!! It hurts my soul. #
  • Ok.. so I managed to get the gayfish song out of my head…..with Barbie Girl. Fuck. #
  • A lady from Vancouver just called. She wanted us to deliver a message to her son. She has mistaken us for either the pony express or mafia. #
  • Ow Ow Ow fucking Ow…. I just got some sort of pinched nerve thing in my neck… #
  • I quite enjoyed the first episode of the new Red Dwarf series. Should be an interesting ride. They all still have it. Chris Barrie ftw. #
  • Is it possible to not like Buck Owens? He puts a smile on my face every single time. ? http://blip.fm/~4664c #
  • “she cools me with her breathing.. and chases away those howling bottles of wine…” #
  • Trying to will myself out of bed. The cat has shoved herself into my armpit. She seems comfortable. Why bother her by moving. #allnighter #
  • my eyes are starting to burn. Couple more articles banged out. Tomorrow and sunday is the multimedia portion of the project. #
  • there’s an art to a good pull quote. “If Joni Mitchell got on a label today, she would have been out on her first record, out on her ass.” #

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