Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-04-07

  • We are ugly but we’ve got the music #
  • WTF? Beyonce is the pitchman for the DS? #
  • Now when I get home I’m going to have to pick up my guitar and play homeward bound. “like emptyness in harmony” thx @ladymix #
  • Photo: This looks like the Mclaughlan group of international death machines. superfoo: New Zealand AVP ads…. http://tumblr.com/x1p1jryqw #
  • *sniff* #
  • I get it for free suckers!! P #
  • People often act surprised when I tell them Ive never done drugs. Why? I just spent 15 minutes staring at the lights flit across the ceiling #
  • So I may have split my knuckle open. The hardcorness is mitigated by the fact that I have the wound covered by a sesame street band-aid. \m/ #
  • #heyxboxlive gold membership is so rad. Let’s make it radder with xbox live platinum. That would involve teleportation INTO games. Can do :) #
  • Prodding myself awake. Looks like it is/was a beautiful day. #
  • Another qwitter belch. Did I really loose 12 all at once just for birthday wishes. I doubt it. What use is that program? #

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