Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-04-04

  • Muahha. Stabler thinks seacrest is the devil. You and me detective. Same wavelength. #
  • Once again I intended to buy conditioner and bought shampoo instead. Damn #
  • This lindt dark chocolate with red chili’s in delicious. #
  • Rereading the davies Comission report on the frank Paul inquiry. Mostly just the parts where my dad is a badass :) #
  • Just got the best pep talk ever from my buddy Ian. <3 #
  • Bah. Thanks to the new York rangers I sleep frustrated. Also I may have blistered a finger tip while practicing/writing earlier. Ow! #
  • Just heard the term Larping on primetime tv. #
  • So I might be playing shows soon. Cue catatonic terror. #
  • Apparently I pocket dialed my sister. Then somehow she ended up on speaker. I was left standing there wondering why my pants were talking. #

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