Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-03-28

  • Hopes everyone gets to feel like that. Even if it’s just for one fleeting brief moment. #
  • John Prine featured on the latest episode of my name is earl. Awesome! #
  • My head feels like it’s gonna ‘splode. I hate allergy season. #
  • http://tinyurl.com/as5zw7 Paul Simon singing a song about pot on Sesame St. <3 lol #
  • I really have the itch to get a resonator guitar right now. #
  • The masters of harmony. I don’t think any other band has ever done it better. Driven by Brian Wilson’s genius. ? http://blip.fm/~3i4vk #
  • Tweedy covers the Handsome Family. Another song I love to do. It’s nearly perfect. ? http://blip.fm/~3i4l5 #
  • Whenever I play this song this is the version I play. It’s the only version, other than the album version, that… ? http://blip.fm/~3i4gr #
  • just found out the @theweepies are on twitter. Very nice! #
  • Appropriate. Seeing as how I’m not sleeping :D ? http://blip.fm/~3h388 #

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