Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-03-25

  • Ok. They’re not going to make stealing this ring easy are they. #
  • Dear internet: Would you please be faster.. kthx. #
  • Video: Townes was one of the greats. Miss him. http://tumblr.com/x1p1hc6tq #
  • glad to see our provincial tax dollars are being used well *rolls eyes* #
  • Last episode of Heroes was pretty good. A little shaky, but overall impressive. The end made me sad. :'( Too familiar #heroes #
  • Finally! Gees. Took long enough for the reveal of Rebel. We were all ahead of you writers! gah #Heroes #
  • RT @CapnAnarchy Link: Nuked Twice? – I’m amazed this guy is still alive. Seriously unlucky. http://tumblr.com/xxv1hb0xh #
  • Video: Trailer from SXSW for the film “The Horseman.” This looks crazy intense. http://tumblr.com/x1p1haxji #
  • RT Have you downloaded my free live CD yet? Get on that, twitter. http://allisonw.com/free (via @allisonweiss) #
  • More gray today than I care to admit. Did my hair just colude to all turn colour at the same time? #
  • The small death comes in the morning. When my eyes open and yours aren’t there. #
  • Tweet redacted #

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