Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-03-23

  • Listening to The Pack MD (per @Marri’s review.) they’re really pretty kick ass. #Marriwasright #
  • The clerk at 711 totally just let some dude cut in line. Fuck that. #
  • I think the Co-op boys just did the best squarespace ad i’ve ever seen. Hilarious. Y’all should peep this show. Revision3.com #
  • what the fuck is up with twitpic lately? #
  • Found him. He was waiting at the bar. Hah! #
  • Lone even. :/ #
  • One loan person is evading me. #
  • Laying waste to temple of light and everyone in oakfield. Muaha #
  • Eeeeeeevvvillll http://mobypicture.com/?h6m5gy #
  • Temple of shadows questline complete. Till death to us part. Muuahahahaha #
  • Being evil in fable 2 is fun. :) #
  • My eyes are on fire #
  • Picked up some new followers overnight. They appear to actually be real people. Hi new people. #
  • Groan. I’m awake. Dreamt I met Nick Cave.. Tried tweeting about it. Wouldn’t work. Why won’t you work from dreams twitter?! #
  • Fucking wreck. Can’t sleep. Should have dosed myself earlier. #
  • BSG, songwriting, and stubborn old memories have left me drained and sobbing. No words. http://mobypicture.com/?obtaw5 #
  • Holy crap. I love the design of the mission intro cinematics in call of duty waw. #
  • Steaming tears and empty beers / don’t pass the time / quite like I know they should #
  • My cat just made a serious amount of noise in the other room. Fingers crossed nothing is broken. #

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