Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-03-13

  • Want to read: The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie – http://tinyurl.com/c8plvh #
  • Everyone. Tell my supervisor @Yellow_Slave I can go now. #
  • Fading fast. Half asleep in my chair. Can I go home already? #
  • Video: Drag Me to Hell http://tumblr.com/x1p1f8b8j #
  • He’s smarter than me and emotion free. He’s computed his way to my heart. He’s my robot friend. #
  • RT @imjustcreative ‘Helvetica Moleskine Twitter Giveaway’ http://is.gd/myR5 #
  • wow. A torrent of vitriloic lyrics just passed through me. Not quite sure how it all fits together. Need to get the whole picture. #
  • RT @slashfilm slashfilm/Filmcast’s epic, 2-hour review of Watchmen with director Kevin Smith: http://is.gd/n6Cx #
  • Not a big Cat Power fan but I’m grooving to the almost jazz style of “Willie” and improving some guitar licks. #
  • Legs unsteady today. Off balance. Beset by harsh winds lately. Hoping not to capsize. #
  • Grr. Internet is apparently down until morning. I can’t play oblivion cause the drm can’t authenticate on live. boo #
  • Pondering picking up Burnout: Paradise. It’s only 20 bux. #

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