Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-03-11

  • epicurious totally sounds like a fetish site. A delicious fetish site. #
  • Finally home.. settling in with a nice warm blowl of soup.. then tv. Maybe games. #
  • listening to @allisonweiss while I try to make the clock turn faster. #
  • just removed all the useless and stupid applications, that I dont use, from my facebook profile. I feel lighter. #
  • Video: First run through of a new song.. proof of concept ;) I’ve sat on this for a while. Haven’t been… http://tumblr.com/x1p1ev39k #
  • Customer: Can you buzz me? Me: Ok…what’s the buzzer number? Customer: I don’t have a buzzer. It’s a house…. http://tumblr.com/x1p1euy6d #
  • It’s been bugging me. Just realized where’d I’d seen Patrick Wilson (Nite Owl) before. Hard Candy. Excellent film. Track it down. #
  • The opening to TRS ep 103 is hilarious and awesome… kudos to @jeffcannata especially. Well done sir. #
  • “It was winter time in Nashville, down on music city row. And I was lookin’ for a place to get myself out…” http://tumblr.com/x1p1eujeg #
  • Chucks really aren’t the best footwear for the current 0 degree weather.. buuhh.. fricking errrr!! #
  • Bioshock 2 teaser site… http://www.somethinginthesea.com Can’t wait! #
  • Time for some ingestibles. My stomach is gurgling something akin to a sound I imagine Cthulu making. #
  • This cheered me up. “you’re lucky man Birmingham is kinda horrible” – @JamesBuckingham Thanks old friend :D #
  • and this is the jewel in the mini pity party tiara. A great one from @jennyowenyoungs ? http://blip.fm/~2uhfr #
  • Feeling melancholy today. Ever since I woke up. This song fits my current mood perfectly.. cheers peeps. ? http://blip.fm/~2uhc1 #
  • I should be getting ready for work but I’ve grown attached the the branches, and small creatures, living in my hair. #
  • Ouch…. Massive Massive headache. #
  • God bless Patton Oswalt. If you haven’t heard Werewolves and Lollipops, get it. It’s pure genius. #

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