Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-03-09

  • Home from lovely dinner with friends. Relaxing with an episode of the unit and a tall glass. #
  • Staring contest with a baby? Impossible victory. #
  • Huh. It WAS bright in my apartment. #
  • Funny joke.

    Roll on snare drum.

    Curtains. #

  • Was just thinking Matt Frewer would make a great Molloch. Turns out that’s exactly who they cast. #
  • Snack attack motherfucker! #
  • I awake. Lazy Sunday begins. Dreamt I was actually in a video game. Complete with menus and checkpoints and save system. #
  • When did it get so heavy in here? Where did that come from? #
  • Interesting. The times are a changing has been reedited and extended for the watchmen. There are new harp solos. Hurm. #
  • Mr pib and red vines equal crazy delicious. #
  • “Truth or happiness. Never both.” #
  • Watching the Lie to Me pilot. Such a great cast. All kinds of people I recognize. #
  • :( #

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