With my uncles recent death I’ve been taking stock of my life. Moments like these do focus your attention and you pay homage to the things that matter or mattered in your life. So I wrote a letter to that special girl. We don’t really talk anymore but I needed to write it. I haven’t sent it. May not. Haven’t decided. Seemed like it would make a good blog post tho

Death forces you to evaluate your own life.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry things became so estranged between us. I miss you like the rocks miss the river. I still keep the promise I made to you. Anything you ever need you have but to ask.

There are moments in life that sparkle in your memory like stars in the heavens. The day I met you is one of those moments . I’ve loved you ever since that day. You may not accept it. You may not believe it. Quite frankly frankly I don’t care anymore what you do with it. It’s a fact. It’s like arguing wether the sun will rise or the rains fall.

I’ve never felt at home anywhere. Everything I’ve ever done has felt forced. Like automatons playing at being alive. I never felt at home until the day I met you. On that day everything made sense. Those wonderful days we spent together only confirming that and leaving me with a permanent reminder in my arm.



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