Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-02-27

  • RT @willw: App is up. Silver Revolver, the only gun simulator on the app store – http://tinyurl.com/ahnnvk #
  • Blood sugar dropping. Sleepy like someone slipped me some roofies. All right. Which one of you are a date rapist? #
  • Lolling at @ihnatko talking about relativity on mbw. #
  • I would go to a #victoriatweetup but am either working or sleeping. How does 3am work for y’all? :/ #
  • Die in a fire church and state winery people. Die in a fire. #
  • “All you 5 and 10 cent women. There’s nothing in your heads. I got a real gal i’m in love with. Lord, I’ll love her till I’m dead!” #
  • Happy for good hair day. The white silver highlights are especially fetching. #goodmood #
  • *face palm* wow. That didn’t take long at all. I want my bed back. #
  • Being my Friday calls for the Darth Maul tshirt. That’s right. I’m going to be defeated and bisected in my first real challenge. Take that!! #
  • Note to self: trim the cats claws. MotherfuckinOuch!! #
  • Still lounging in bed before work. “working” on a song. I have a bedside guitar for just such an emergency. #brianwilson #
  • Can I take my bed to work? So much more comfy than those damn office chairs. #
  • Anxious for this new google sync service to push email. Gimme gimme! #
  • impromptu meal of meatballs and chicken & pea risotto was a glowing success. Tummy is happy. #

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