Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-02-26

  • Here comes the snow. #
  • Love that when guys call for cabs from strip clubs most of them can’t really say where they are. Montys becomes “the plaza” #
  • Can it just be over already? Seriously done with this bullshit. :*( #
  • ?Just figured out how I mysteriously pulled a muscle. It was work related after all. #
  • Wigging out! #
  • What kind of name is Big Red? Seriously. What? #
  • Listening to Beethoven at work in preperation for going all Stansfield on this motherfucker. #
  • “ain’t no mercy in my smilin’. Only fangs and sweet beguiling.” #
  • That episode of Buffy was so quaint. “her phones not busy. She’s not online.” memories. LOL. #
  • Fuck all these old people and their motherfucking curling event. #
  • Me:”her name?” caller: “I don’t know but she’s Mexican.” #
  • Awake except for my eyes. They’re refusing to focus. #
  • Bed! Wasn’t as close to finishing fear as I thought. #
  • Grr. I just got my xbox back and it’s starting to have similar symptoms. #
  • Finally about to finish fear. Owned the game almost a year. LOL. #

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