Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-02-25

  • 20 minutes till hometime. Humpday completed. Bring on the weekend. #
  • Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody! Won’t you please please help me. #
  • Anyone else getting more spam in their gmail inbox lately? *grumble* #
  • Working on a song at work. It’s taking an interesting turn. #
  • Yay for emotional roller coaster day! Can I get off now? #
  • Have you ever felt your heartbeat slow suddenly? An unsettling feeling to say the least. #
  • Ok. For the love of Christ. If another car alarm goes off outside my building I’m going to flip. #
  • Mulling some serious questions. Not liking the answer I keep coming up with. #
  • RT. What the fuck? LOL. @jwalsh ROARRRRRRR #MONSTERATTACK PWNED http://twurl.nl/2i7cyf (via @monsterattack) in reply to monsterattack #

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