Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-02-21

  • The possibility of complete mental and physical collapse is now very real. Buy the ticket, take the ride. #
  • “I think that we should take a walk. But your such a fast walker.” in reply to universesimon #
  • “I’m a writer. I give the truth scope.” #
  • God I hate dealing with banks. #
  • “a man don’t need to go healed to get the bulge on a tub like you.” #
  • Screwdriver time. Vodka fixes everything. So my Russian ancestry tells me. #
  • Doc said mystery pain is a pulled/torn muscle. Not quite sure how. I’m basically a professional potato. #
  • Off to the doctor. Fingers crossed it’s not cancer. #optimist. #
  • The cat is snoring. #
  • Allison Hannigan is still enchanting and adorable. Crush returning. #
  • Watching an episode of Buffy, at @mflanders insistance, for the first time in almost ten years. Maybe it’ll play better from the start? #
  • I wonder if it’s ok that I can taste a little blood in the back of my throat. #

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