Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-02-18

  • I have an itch for an old school adventure game. Love me some Lucas arts and sierra. Hit some scumm when I get home. Still have orig pq2 box #
  • What the eff? Bizarro party callers on a Tuesday. #davewasright #
  • Townes Van Zandt had no right being as good as he was. My mind is always blown. #
  • Everytime I hear the name “Whittier” I’m immediatly reminded of the creepy antagonist from Chuck Pahalaniuk’s “Haunted.” *shudder* #
  • “It’s bacon, when i’m hungry and it’s whiskey when I’m dry. It’s women, for my lovin’ and religion when I die…” ? #
  • At work. Prepping for an eight hour verbal seige from an army of foreign, infirmed, elderly, drunk, or just plain stupid customers. Helmet+. #
  • Finally off to bed. Stubbed my toe in the dark. Motherfuck that hurts. #
  • Whoa. Even whole new intro for lost and damned. It’s like gta 4.5 #
  • Come to papa lost and damned #
  • WTF? Line at red jacket? It’s Monday people. Monday! #
  • wait.. apparently I can extract from the backup files.. Perl to the rescue. #
  • ugh.. should have saved my notes and old txt messages before I did a restore on my iphone…. sigh #

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