Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-02-13

  • Staring down the clock. #
  • Making another cup so I may sip and cluck my tongue about “kids these days.” #
  • Here comes the weekly assault of drunken uni students. They make joke like: “can I get a cab to huh huh huh, beaver rd. Huh huh” *thumbs* ? #
  • Greasy pizza hut pizza and now enjoying a nice cup of green tea. Who am I? LOL. #
  • Ramblers. Let’s get rambling. #
  • I’m at 817 Fisgard St, Victoria, BC, Canada – http://bkite.com/04A4s #
  • Just got the bestest news ever!! Woooo #
  • Forgot my dinner at home. Doh! #
  • Whoa. Alicia emailed me as I typed that. Spooky. #
  • God I love how horrendously ugly our company website is: http://www.yellowcabofvictoria.com #
  • I now groggily saunter off to work. Eight more hours then the real battle starts. #
  • My eyes! The goggles do nothing! #
  • and this one will make you call your grandma.. http://tinyurl.com/clk9qs #
  • Pure masterful craftsmanship. One of the best songwriters America ever produced. http://tinyurl.com/auw2aw #

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