Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-02-11

  • I’m really glad I got these jeans fixed. They litterally fit like magic. MAGIC! #
  • iTunes: you are a cold fickle bitch sometimes. #
  • Lawling at my buds new album art photos. Steroplane.com http://twitpic.com/1fd1z #
  • “he lives on mullholland, in a winnebego. His name is donnie. He looks like a potato” ?? #
  • 40 minutes into my shift. Already fucking bored. Going to be a looooong night. #
  • To the dead, I’m king. #
  • Choke isn’t a very good movie (excellent book) but Sam Rockwell is very good in it. ? #
  • Was called a masochist today. I’d be offended if it wasn’t totally true. #
  • Contented sigh. #
  • Dubaku, you are a sonufabitch. #
  • “oh goodness no. prancing is unfortunate” #

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