Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-02-06

  • I posted a pic of @d3sperad0’s baby earlier. Here’s my babies. http://twitpic.com/1cmnr #
  • RT @slashfilm: RT: @davechensky The /Filmcast commentary on Groundhog Day feat. Stephen Tobolowsky is now available! http://is.gd/izjw #
  • Any have any good suggestions for reverb pedals to be paired with an acoustic with hefty low end #
  • Get. Damn auto correct. Left=theft in last tweet. #
  • So I beat my bosses attempt at vacation left. In retaliation she wants to move my shift back to the weekends. Spiteful, much? #
  • This song ALWAYS puts me in a good mood… ? http://blip.fm/~20gxj #
  • ugh.. not feeling all that hot. Luckily my neck pain is gone and it’s the last shift of the week. hoorah! #
  • Any musicians out there have an opinion on the boss tu2 tuner pedal? I’m going to need one for a stage kit. That looks pretty good. #
  • Watching Pale Rider before work. Partially because it’s awesome and partially because I was staring at the poster in Floyds this morning. #
  • I need a surround sour system. Badly. #
  • playing with the new Google Earth.. and the CNN Obama photosynth.. http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2009/44.president/inauguration/themoment/ #
  • back from tasty tasty breakfast at Floyds with Dad and @BlissfulGirl #
  • Here we are.. face to face. A couple of silver spoons.. #

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