Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-02-05

  • 30 mins to go. Yay. Homemade turkey soup awaits me at home. Nom nom #
  • See. Don’t I looks alert, involved and enthused? *rolls eyes* http://twitpic.com/1c3wa #
  • Ow. My neck is killing me. I’ve been joking all night about meningitis. Nobody finds it funny except me. #
  • If I had a device that measured my level of boredom. A boreometer, as it where. I would be burying the needle right now. #
  • Wow. A little stunned by how good the return of Heroes was. Well done! #
  • wow.. I’m already out of money? Yikes. #
  • And now that House is over. A little William Blake and TS elliot for an appetizer. Then some progress on “the sot-weed factor” #
  • With the xbox in for repairs I can’t watch House and Heroes on the big screen. Lying in bed with my iPhone and cat is a good option B. Comfy #
  • this moment is always the worst part of of my day.. #

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