Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-02-04

  • Listening to radio lab talk about “ressurectionists.” History is fun. Hooray for science. #
  • RT @jeffcannata: A little something that made me LOL, found linked in the TRS forums: http://is.gd/ije6 NSFW. Take that Creed! #
  • Head. Meet desk. #
  • Pot head Coworker (phc) just ran to Mohawk for snacks. Those munchies must be a bitch #
  • Sneezing! Feels like my chest is going to rip open. Owwww! #
  • a kid, post dental surgery. They must have slipped him some gooood drugs. http://tinyurl.com/dgkrny thx @blissfulgirl #
  • Xbox has begun it’s magical mystery tour. Fingers crossed it’s a short one. #
  • Another fantastic episode of 24. So far this is turning into a wonderful season. #
  • Medium, I missed you. #
  • Swoon! #

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