Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-01-29

  • Me as Stalin. Showed up 20 min late. “just cause you’re Stalin dsnt mean you can show up whenever.” lean in “yes. It does.” badass :) #
  • Making a batch of fried chicken this weekend. Need hot sauce. Of course. Any suggestions for one to try? #
  • Apparently just passed 180 followers. When did that happen? #
  • Just used “antithetical” in a memo to management. Worried I should include a dictionary. #
  • I have a sudden massive craving for a great burger. #bringinandouttocanadanow #
  • Ladies and gentlemen. That last comment belongs to @joshhfercho. Welcome back. #
  • Coworker to me: “maybe I’m kinda like Jesus” lawls erupt. #
  • Linear causality, you are a cruel bitch. #
  • Have I mentioned lately how much I hate working with this 60 year old idiot stoner fuckwit? #
  • Earl gray, hot. Oh and a dab of vanilla please. Thanks! #
  • I need a new computer something awful. My iPhone is more responsive than the junker I have on my desk. I’m amazed it still works. #
  • Could they be more transparent? don’t think so. #
  • Zwaa! #
  • Hah. On the night I ponder switching ISPs shaw goes down for hours. Not good shaw. #
  • Opening of tonights Fringe contained a gnome box running compiz. Is the whole “aha video hand out of the computer” a new plugin? #

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