Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-01-28

  • Ack. Sudden repressive sense of dread. #
  • Operation: Food in Belly is a success. ?? #
  • Massive Telus internet outage? Why do people still use them. #
  • Awaiting dinners arrival. Freaking famished. ? #
  • Illegitimus non carbonundrum. Mantra for the day. #
  • Ugh! more stress. Seriously about ready to loose it. ????? #
  • Ugh. Stress level rising. Bad day today. *grumble* #
  • Getting ready for work while attempting to quiet the insecure doubting creature I now find clawing at my spinal chord… hurm. #
  • The teacher in the opening scene if this episode of house is firstly, very cute. Secondly, incredibly familiar. No idea why. #
  • My scars itch. #
  • Time for House! #
  • this tea is incredibly intriguing…. #

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