Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-01-27

  • The conversations I have inflicted upon me, often leave me me dumb struck and light headed. ?? #
  • Happy I will have new House and new 24 waiting for me when I get home. #
  • Ok. 24 is back. Lost is back. Bsg is back. Heroes back soon. Where the fuck is Rescue Me? #
  • ? I wasn’t drunk and I wasn’t blind when I left my two fine legs behind. A cannonball on the fifth of May tore my two fine legs away. ? #
  • So sleepy and yawny (Yanni?). Shouldn’t have stayed up those extra hours spaceing to music. #
  • Calabrese and peppers has come to the rescue. #
  • Hot water seems to be off. Shower. Brrr. So brrrrrrrrr cold. Brrr #
  • I love when a new song comes out of litterally no where. I’m digging it so far. Has a Springsteen vibe. ??? #
  • I still think this movie is the birth of the current modern age of special effects. Excited to see if Cameron does it again with Avatar. #
  • Now watching t2 on bluray. It’s amazing how well the movie holds up. #
  • Whoa. Musical whiplash. From Snoop Dog to Woody Guthrie. Ouch. #
  • want to read: The Last Templar #

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