Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-01-24

  • There is a skater on this bus. Age range: 35-40. Time for a new hobby duder. #
  • Damn. Missed the bus by a light. Commencing Operation Frozen Toes #
  • About ready to travel. Bus stop here I come. #
  • Wondering the cause of this new spike in followers. Hi people. Soon I will overtake @Marri. Have at thee! :) #
  • “Take that you mutating sonofa bitch!” #
  • “nov 5th, 1955! of course!” #
  • Is off! (cue theme music) #
  • I am doddeling (sp? fuck it) and was specifically instructed not to doddle. #
  • I retract my previous tweet. The two versions are in fact BOTH in Eb. Just different voicings. I fail at music. :P #
  • “never bad mouth synergy!” #
  • compare and contrast. Same song in a different key. Very different effect. http://tinyurl.com/db3bhy #
  • perfect track to end the day with… time to relax and begin my weekend. ? http://blip.fm/~1qtz5 #
  • I hope SXSW does torrents of the showcasing bands again this year. #

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