Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-01-23

  • Attn drunks: calling every cab company in the city at the same time will result in the ban hammer coming down hard. Also, we share info. ;) #
  • LOL. Oops. Here. http://twitpic.com/163on #
  • That sign pole is slanty. #
  • “whoa. That hippy’s coming back on me…” #
  • Until then granola will have to do. #
  • Waiting desperatly for the clock to reach 2330 so I can start my weekend. #
  • Oh for the love of Xenu, I am bored! #
  • Work is head-desk boring. #
  • Why must my cat insist on sleeping on the back of my knees? Makes moving slightly difficult. #
  • “I need a cool codename.” #
  • Yay Lost! #
  • After helping a friend deal with some heavy shit, it’s time to settle in for some tv. #
  • regretting not stopping for food earlier.. *gurgle gurgle.. #
  • Whoa…. #
  • i think Lost broke eztv. hah #

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