Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-01-16

  • Yay to be home. Into fable 2 I go. #
  • Otoro + hamachi ftw. Sooo damn good #
  • Waiting on sushi and bento delivery. Sipping a lovely green tea to pass the time. #
  • I’m at Serious Coffee Blanshard – http://bkite.com/03LaK #
  • I’m at 817 Fisgard St, Victoria, BC, Canada – http://bkite.com/03L1m #
  • Apparently people are scared of me. Yeesssss #
  • “every song is a comeback. Every moments a little bit later” #
  • Still awake. Yay? #
  • Heavy rain only in the foreground. Wow. #
  • It looks pretty. In that “I just got out of film school but I’ve seen cop movies and thought sin city was cool” kind of way. #
  • From the sublime to the hideous. Why am I watching Max Payne? All I can think of is “say hi to your mother for me…” #
  • God damn, Gran Torino was fantastic. #

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