Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-01-05

  • Finally home. Having a beer. But desirous of something warmer. #
  • Yesterday, came suddenly. #
  • oh.. I’m bleeding?.. okay. #
  • mmmm kettlecorn #
  • Transportation Armageddon has begun in earnest. #
  • “I got your transmutation, right ‘ere!” #
  • Discovering Allison Weiss… and you should too. http://allisonweiss.tumblr.com/ #
  • just realized my 3000th tweet passed by.. hope I said something insightful, funny, or some written equivalent of not scratching my ass. #
  • How can you charge twice as much for something beat to hell? Stick a Fender logo on it. http://snipurl.com/9guum #
  • want to read: Zen Guitar #
  • I’ve had songwriting sessions end like this too.. http://flickr.com/photos/santocielo/3117339795/ (maybe NSFW, but I am at work. Mind Blown) #
  • Work is slow and boring. It’s always like this post New Years. I dare not read my book tho. The constant interruption is maddening. #
  • back at work… #
  • “My eyes! De goggles do nothing!” #
  • Weekend officially over. Preparing for work in an hour. #
  • Jeremy Irons! What a pleasant surprise! #
  • Frustrated!! Grr #
  • Oh so my saved game is gone? 5 stages worth of work is gone? Fantastic. #
  • This must be what that “phantom limb” syndrome feels like. #
  • Uh oh. Here it comes again. #

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