Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-01-04

  • Suddenly dawning on me that I have to work tomorrow and my weekend is over. #
  • Finally opened the bottle of wine I got from dad for Xmas. Fuck me sideways, it may be the most delicious wine I’ve ever had. #
  • And the best actor oscar goes to… Micky rourke. :*( #
  • Watching “the Wrestler” and it’s breaking my heart. #
  • Ok. Finally past that boss. She was tough. Turned out better than some past relationships tho. #
  • I have so many crass jokes in my head right now. Resisting the urge. I try not be crass :D #
  • What? You people don’t hang around in abandoned factories playing “pass the baby” with chicks carrying a foot long lollipop, wearing a mask? #
  • Now we’re throwing exploding dolls at each other. #
  • Ok. Now some sort of female clown thing, with a giant lollipop, is shaking her tits at me. This is f’d #
  • Ok. Abandoned doll factory? Creepy much? #
  • I <3 you Monolith games. #
  • There’s definatly a black art to applying decals to things. I fail. #
  • Sorry. Don’t recall the brand but it’s at the strath beer & wine on Douglas. They had a few brands. Didn’t see spoons. Tho expect so. #
  • Now waiting in La Fiesta for dinner. #
  • Quick trip to the strath bnw for “supplies”. Eyeballing a bottle of absinthe. Settled on my favourite beer innis and gunn and a peach beer. #
  • Le-sigh. Sleep didn’t help. #
  • Sleepz #
  • Robot chicken!! #
  • Whiskey is very much a “song facilitator” for me. #
  • Hurm. Feeling lonely all of a sudden. Weird. #
  • Num num whiskey #

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