Jason's Twitter Updates for 2009-01-01

  • Bunch of degenerates in this town. 8 hours of mind numbing insanity only to come home and find some shitbird has gummed my buildings lock!!! #
  • …….kill me……. #
  • “You have my number?!” Yes.. isn’t caller ID a modern miracle.. (rolls eyes) #
  • <bangs head against desk> #
  • i think that espresso and cream made me high.. hmm.. #
  • I’m thinking my manager is a fetishist. She throws the term “disciplinary action” around far to often to not be. #
  • If I have to talk to another person trying to book a car for after midnight tonight I’m going to punch my phone in the proverbial nuts. #
  • http://blinddog.tumblr.com/ if anyone wants a listen. I just posted it here.. #
  • Demo is emailed And now to get ready to go to work tonight. Pray for my sanity :) #
  • The things that trigger a new song can sometimes be bizarre and completely unrelated. In this case: my cat. #
  • Can it just be the 1st? Does anyone mind? Kthanx #
  • Oh and officially drunk now. Weee #
  • Digging the song I’m working on. Play along with me Capo 2 CFGCFGCAmF #
  • More beer and more song writing. #
  • “he was a zombie?” #
  • My resolution for 2009 involves more beer. #

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