2008: A man under review.


I have written before about some of my experiences this year. Some of you who know me know how hard this year has been for me. There were some dark times when I wasn’t so sure I would be seeing 2009 (I spent a night in the hospital in April. Possible heart problems. Ridiculously symbolic of my year). In those times I would just put my head down, drive on, and would usually end up with a pretty good song for my troubles. 2008 was more or less a write off for me. I lost all motivation to do most of anything. I put on all the weight I lost in the previous year, and more so. My romantic life was just as tragic as always. Despite dating more than ever, nothing seemed to click. Met a great group of people but they would, in an almost taunting fashion, always either be currently involved or not in the same city. That’s my luck. lol.

The highlights of my year were mostly found on my couch. I spent more man hours on that couch this year than anywhere else, save possibly my job. :D

I didn’t get out to as many movies as I would have hoped this year. I used to get out to the theatre often. This year not only did I not do that, I can’t even remember the last time I bought a dvd on release date. Alot of that has to do with the purchase of my xbox. Gaming has taken over as my primary entertainment. That said, over christmas my xbox died. It’s currently in for repair. That, coupled with my recent purchase of a BluRay player, has reignited my film passion. I’m currently queuing a bunch of movies that I missed. Some big films, some not.

Favourite films of the year:
The Dark Knight
Iron Man

Dissapointments of the Year

Indy 4 (no comment)
Hulk (Ang Lee’s was better.. we still haven’t gotten a decent hulk film)
Quantum of Solace (meh after the greatness of Casino Royale)

Those who know me know my love for the written word. The problem is I tend to read RIDICULOUSLY slowly. This fact is testified to by the massive stack of books next to my bed. That said, there are a few literary highlights this year. This year, The Walking Dead has continued to do nothing but impress. I finally took the plunge and purchased and devoured a copy of The Watchmen. Also, I became indoctrinated into a cult. The lovely Marri introduced me to a book entitled The Sot-Weed Factor; after debating out loud wether to purchase a $200 gilded collectors edition of said book. Read her story here. I’ve merely cracked the large tome and am already enjoying it immensely.

I spend more time gaming than I care to admit. :D I think my gamerscore can attest to that fact. My game of the year would have to be Fallout 3. It’s dense, funny, epic, vast and inquisitive. My greatest fear is that it wouldn’t do justice to the original games. Those first two fallout games are the source of some of my greatest gaming experiences to date. Other favourite games of the year:

Fable 2
Mirror’s Edge
Left 4 Dead

Honorable Mentions: Civilization Revolution, Geo Wars 2, and NHL 09 (Be a Pro mode FTW)
Biggest Dissapointment: Gears of War 2 (Almost felt like a step back from the original game. Still fun but I’m seeing it show up as GOTY in some places and I’m left slack jawed.

The following is the list of my most played tracks for the 2008 calendar year. Most of them are old favourites. Exceptions were two bands I discovered this year and look forward to seeing more from: Blitzen Trapper and The Midnight Organ Fight
. The 2008 album releases that come to mind as personal favs are Acid Tongue
by Jenny Lewis and Death Magnetic
by Metallica.

Furr Blitzen Trapper
Song to Woody Bob Dylan
Moonshiner Bob Dylan
When the Ship Comes in Bob Dylan
The Hitter Bruce Springsteen
Little Sadie Doc Watson
Vincent Don Mclean
The Modern Leper Frightened Rabbit
Let Him Roll Guy Clark
Simple Twist Of Fate Jeff Tweedy
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down Jeff Tweedy
Summerteeth Jeff Tweedy
ELT Jeff Tweedy
She’s a Jar Jeff Tweedy
This Is The Hour Jimmy Rankin
Sour Grapes John Prine
Further On Up the Road Johnny Cash
Delia’s Gone (mono) Johnny Cash
Sure As Shit Kathleen Edwards
Scared At Night Kathleen Edwards
Away Kathleen Edwards
The Road To Ensenada Lyle Lovett
Twist The Knife Neko Case
Bought And Sold Neko Case
Cold as It Gets Patty Griffin
Mad Mission Patty Griffin
Sweet Lorraine Patty Griffin
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda The Pogues
Dear Chicago Ryan Adams
Shakedown On 9th Street Ryan Adams
How Deep In The Valley Sarah Harmer
Rex’s Blues Son Volt
Someday Steve Earle
Hard Core Troubadour Steve Earle
Over Yonder (Jonathan’s Song) Steve Earle
My Old Friend The Blues Steve Earle
Classico Tenacious D
Big Country Blues Townes Van Zandt
Cuckoo Song Townes Van Zandt
Where I Lead Me Townes Van Zandt
Nothin’ Townes Van Zandt
Talkin’ Thunderbid Blues Townes Van Zandt
Mr Mudd & Mr Gold Townes Van Zandt
Waiting Around to Die Townes Van Zandt
New Madrid Uncle Tupelo
Wait Up Uncle Tupelo
Black Eye Uncle Tupelo
Moonshiner Uncle Tupelo
Warfare Uncle Tupelo
Fatal Wound Uncle Tupelo
No Depression Uncle Tupelo
Slow Pony Home The Weepies
Casino Queen Wilco
Box Full of Letters Wilco
Someone Else’s Song Wilco
Baltimore To Washington Woody Guthrie


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