Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-12-31

  • punchline: “…should have opened up your zipper. You could have got disability too.” #
  • sudden urge to watch Crossroads with Ralph Machio… why exactly? *Shrug* #
  • in case anyone was curious.. this is what I ordered. One more for the collection. http://snipurl.com/9ak74 #
  • ordering rock type jewelry off amazon for no particular reason other than “cuz.” #
  • I find myself suddenly beset by a licentious bout of narcolepsy. I want to go home. #
  • who knew led zeppelin were such rip off artists… http://tinyurl.com/6o99cb #
  • “the small death is a long war
    the attritional victory march into hells great glory
    I don’t trust my own mind” #
  • want to read: Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison: The Making of a Masterpiece #
  • is on page 6 of 768 of The Sot-Weed Factor #
  • I think my iPod wants me dead. Cycling between Elliot Smith and Townes Van Zandt over and over. I think I’m almost suicidal now. Lawlz #
  • Just killing time… #
  • 1 is the new 0 #
  • “is tv guide a book? Son of sniglet? Katherine Hepburn’s Me?” #
  • “a bee bit my bottom and now my bottoms big!” #

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