Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-12-30

  • your have to get your own drunken asses home :P #
  • between 330 and 1130pm anyway :) #
  • Attention Victoria followers.. new years is approaching.. as such some of you may need taxis. Phones will be jammed.. @ me instead! :P #
  • wow… apparently my spelling skills have abandoned me. due for do. No for know? What the eff!? #
  • my sense of time is screwed up royally.. holy smokes.. Minutes seems like hours, hours like days… bizarre. #
  • Just read first paragraph. I think I’m going to like this book. #
  • day shift left the radio on at work… wow.. I forgot how atrocious it is. #
  • Heh. My dad is giving me advice like I live with my gear under a rock. It’s not a rock. It’s a pile of leaves. Rocks hurt my neck. #
  • Making excellent use of my time before work. Lazing in bed. Comfy #

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