Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-12-28

  • Holy crap at hans zimmer’s giant wall of equipment in his studio. #
  • surrounded by streaming shadows, I rhymed
    Aloud, and as if they were lyres, plucked the laces
    Of my wounded shoes, one foot beneath my heart #
  • experiencing a “derangement of all the senses.” #
  • “i have the same love as yesterday
    the one you said would pass with time
    everyday is just grows stronger…
    and destroys all it finds…” #
  • listening to http://snipurl.com/96j8w It’s really great. Thanks @leolaporte #
  • Urgh. It’s been a while and it’s starting to feel like it. #
  • “been known to miss you. Every now and then. Like a soft breeze. Blowin up from the carribean. Most novembers, I break down and cry…” #
  • “my life is like a picture. Left out for too long in the sun” #
  • On the bus. Off to do some make me feel better shopping. It never works but it’s a great excuse. #
  • Why do I do this to myself? #
  • Returning to work tomorrow. Those 9 days went fast! #
  • Back from tasty lunch at the beagle. Minus points for the amazingly loud obnoxious drunks at the bar. Add points for ridiculously cute wtrss #
  • I’m awake and 3….2….1….. Yep there it is. #
  • Sorry DVD. I can’t complete you tonight. Tired. G’night y’all #
  • Debating: one last beer before bed? #
  • “now I see the funny side. Now I’m always smiling!” #
  • “how ’bout a magic trick?” #

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