Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-12-26

  • Home. Time to sleep till Monday. #
  • My sister knows me too well :) http://twitpic.com/wmv4 #
  • Completing Christmas with the traditional viewing of die hard. #
  • Ugh. Soooooo stuffed. Should be good for about a week. #
  • Oh Zoey Deschanel. Why must you be so enchanting? #
  • Watching iron man/dark knight double feature. And a Bluray player otw. #
  • I’m sleepy. My sleep debt is so great I’m going to have to ask the goverment for a bailout. #
  • Can’t sleep? Watch a hard days night? Hell yes! #
  • Mmm vinyl http://twitpic.com/wa4w #
  • once again, even on christmas, the anti-sandman has come to visit me. I hate that jerk. #
  • Decided: i’m growing my Viking beard back. #

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