Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-12-22

  • All fixed. Yay #
  • Urgh. Xvid video not playing in vlc? Why? #
  • brought the laptop back into the living room. Hooked up to the big screen. Forgot how much i hate this wireless keyboard. #
  • Desirous of a new podcast. Send me your suggestions tweeple. #
  • I forgot how strong a start the last season of 24 was. Shame about the rest. #
  • “a little sincerity is a dangerous thing and alot is certainly fatal” amen oscar. Amen. #
  • Apparently writing a song for my sister. Love when they take me by surprise. #
  • Alternate entertainment. http://twitpic.com/v63h #
  • “I believe I am in hell therefore, I am there.” -Rimbauld #
  • the savy future shop attendant did suggest I buy another console and return it after i received my repaired unit. Clever. Except it’s Xmas:) #
  • Xbox is off on its journey. God speed old friend. #
  • Heading to future shop. To take advantage of my warranty. In this. I know. http://twitpic.com/v5b2 #
  • at least i can finally catch up on my reading… #
  • .. the customer service lady tried to tell me I was out of of warranty.. that changed fast :P #
  • and xbox support wont let me order my coffin. Starts with registering console but says “console already registered!” <bangs head> #
  • Can’t be good. http://twitpic.com/v46u #
  • and there’s the red ring… only one.. but $#@$!!!! #
  • Hurm. Xbox still buggered. Don’t you dare red ring on me you son of a bitch! Watching kill bill instead. #
  • More guitar related chores. Replacing pedal battery. http://twitpic.com/v3as #
  • Grr. Xbox still acting weird. Seems to be a video card issue. I think. X: #
  • And with that rambling trudge through the gray wet muck my Christmas shopping is officially complete. #
  • It’s Christmas time in Washington. The democrats rehearsed. Getting into gear for four more years of things not getting worse. #
  • Now just awaiting a call from a former coworker friend I haven’t seen in ages. Last chance hangout before she moves. #
  • Better. Now I smell like strawberries. My shampoo is like totally girly omg! #
  • Strange. My xbox seems to be acting strange today. Video artifacts abound. #
  • I really need to go and do laundry. I’m starting to smell like a mobile locker room. #
  • Got an Xmas card from a friend: “for a friend who’s more like a brother. One I actually like.” XD #
  • Sleep beckons. Medication kickin in. Later dudes and dudeettes. Or el duderinos for those not into the whole brevity thing. #
  • You and me and Sisco know; it’s goin straight to hell. #

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