Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-12-16

  • the days trudgery may soon see it’s end. #
  • “her mind was a very big house. I got lost their for hours. Until August fell.” #
  • OH @ work.. “so how’d you know she had a dick?…” #
  • oi vey.. stop phoning me people. I understand you want to get somewhere but one at a time! #
  • I love me some James Joyce. Got compared to him in writing class and immediately wrote off the commenter as suffering from a mental defect.. #
  • Full of surpressed work rage..must search youtube for sneezing kittens or some such video… #
  • I have been lapsed in my anime watching over the years. I have the entire first season of Death Note waiting at home. other suggestions? #
  • the deli girl made fun of my hair.. deservedly so.. but still! hah. I go there too often :D #
  • Two rads in my apartment aren’t working. It’s freezing in here! #
  • Warm and toasty under my blankets. Don’t want to get up and go to work. Didn’t even go early to get paycheck. #
  • I think the cold side of the pillow is the worlds greatest technology. #
  • Right way to end the day: Cuppa tea and reservoir dogs. #

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