Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-12-12

  • crushing slightly <3 #
  • oh 30 rock.. You’ve done it again…I fell out of my chair. ROFL (litterally!) #
  • “I said ‘go ahead, call the cops.’ You don’t meet nice girls in coffee shops…” #
  • some more pics going up on flickr. Some more recent, some old school. #
  • sweet zombie jesus. How long does it take to upload a ten MB file to vimeo?.. #
  • “why I wonder is my heart full of holes…” #
  • Rewatching “I am trying to break your heart.” One of the best documentaries on band dynamics, band/record label dynamics and recording proc. #
  • Thinking it may be time for a haircut. http://twitpic.com/s1xd #
  • fargin hell.. my computer wont shut down properly. Curse you VNC! #
  • Starting all over again. Watching the first episode of the wire. Thanks alot @slashfilm. #

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