Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-12-11

  • can’t wait to get home and try and flesh out this song idea that’s been scraping at the back of my eyes all afternoon.. #
  • if you’ve seen the mass of stills i am uploading to flickr. The short film they were shot for, if interested. http://snipurl.com/7rhwn #
  • hitting flickr hard. Just upgraded to a pro account.. first upload about 600 megs. lol #
  • Just got off the phone with someone who can only be described as sounding like a female Christopher Walken. #
  • and stills from the short film I did also need to be uploaded? Wow.. I fail at being current. lol #
  • Which reminds me I have a mound of wedding photos still to upload.. ack! #
  • My flickr account went to waste for the longest time. I’m making more and more use of it lately.. of course purchasing a camera helps that. #
  • “the small deaths come in the morning…” #
  • “Said you didn’t love me, didn’t mean a thing, English girls can be so mean…” #
  • Listening to Furr by Blitzen Trapper. It’s the latest thing I’m spinning and I’m loving it. #
  • Listening to an epic three hour /filmcast on the wire. That show makes me tingly. #
  • There are signs and posters and lights all over town that say peace and joy. Exactly what I lack. Ironic. #
  • Grr. I already beat the devils once. Stupid ea profile system. #

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