Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-12-04

  • ugh.. crashing hard. Falling asleep at work.. and the uvic students are hitting us like a L4D horde rush.. #
  • Cut up my futureshop card.. and writing HSBC and futureshop nasty emails.. :D Feels better. #
  • I find this noodle box wanting… #
  • I don’t understand. I keep getting calls from the same 1800 number.. .. over and over and over again.. 10 times a day.. just go away! #
  • mmmm chai latte.. #
  • Omg. Puppy in the office. http://twitpic.com/pyre #
  • Watching House before having to head off to another night at work. So very tired. Can you get a caffeine iv? #
  • Twenty-some hours later: Finally home. #
  • Called eb. My keys are not there. I guess @Marri made good on her threat :) one more place to check before replacing them. #
  • RIP Odetta http://www.cbc.ca/iphone/estory.html?/ept/html/story/2008/12/03/obit-odetta.html #
  • Awake. Can only get so comfortable on a couch. That and a weird play-like dream that all took place in one room. #
  • At least I have my copy if watchmen to read. #
  • Keys lost. Homeless for the night. By that I mean, on moms couch. Gears 2 unable to be played. Keys most likely on floor of bay centre eb. #

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