Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-10-30

  • My fallout character came out looking rather bookish.. especially with the glasses i gave him… this amuses me. What with the killing. #
  • @DannyTRS awesome! and he’s a perfect choice.. but I don’t want to get my hopes up again after HBO killed their series. #
  • Accepted into the xbox nxe preview…cheers to @majornelson and the team.. looking forward to checking it out. #
  • @Marri a JT ringtone? Really? She looses her right to comment on anything, anyone else does. Ever. #
  • ? ? ? ? I’m armed with the past, and the will, and a brick / I might not want you back but I want to kill him ? ? ? ? #
  • @alexlindsay careful.. I heard the police chief of Malibu is a real reactionary. #
  • My employer is apparently recinding our internet priveleges tomorrow. I hope they realize everything will break when they turn it off. #
  • @superfoo All of it? Cause mine only has managed some so far… stupid fire ants. #
  • @superfoo Yeah, he is.. we’re bff’s #
  • @superfoo hahahahah favourited :D I’m betting it’s a “spirit is willing, but the body is failing” stype situation.. #
  • @superfoo i had the same thought! hahaha http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gob/33114781925 #
  • @superfoo lol.. no prob.. change whatever you please.. #
  • @drkiki people don’t love leonard cohen? whaaaa? Opportune self pimp. http://tinyurl.com/6a75pr #
  • is playing Fallout 3. http://raptr.com/jwalsh #
  • I am quite literally just running for my life in fallout. #
  • Yes! Rangered up and lucked into a bos/super mutant firefight. Picked the bones! #
  • I unlocked the Blood Ties achievement on Fallout 3! http://raptr.com/jwalsh #
  • Productive night in the wastes. Rewarding myself with homemade miso and tonights daily show before bed. #

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