The King and I: Bob Dylan Live

>Video(He had better seats :D)

I had the extreme pleasure of being able to attend Thursday nights show at the Save on Foods Memorial Centre. This was my first time being able to see Dylan live. Last time he played Victoria, I was working, and having recently started the job, I couldn’t exactly leverage my way into a night off. I wasn’t going to miss it this time. The show began at approximately 8pm with minimal fanfare. There was a brief introduction, the lights went down, and the man was on stage.

Being the first of a tour, the show was not without glitches. Dylan’s piano failed a few times during the night. The band adapted and pulled out an interesting “jam band esque” version of “The Man in the Long Black Coat.” Dylan continues to do what he does. Constantly reinventing himself and his music. As he’s done for 45 years now. A newly arranged “Girl from the North Country” was a particular highlight.

This approach, of course, has it detractors. Like in 2005, there were walkouts and complaints cited in this review. This point of view is something I don’t understand. If Dylan has been one thing in his 45 year career it’s elusive, unpredictable and constantly changing.

All in all, fantastic show. My head was spinning with musicial inspiration and throbbing from the complexity of experience and the duality of contrary emotions it evoked in me. Often at the same time. At 67 Dylan is still full of surprises and a joy to see live. It would be sad to see a man of such legendary stature be unable to reinvent himself and instead fall upon his past success to become a nostalgia act for aging baby boomers. No rest for the wicked.

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