Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-10-23

  • @ryleyleckie I would buy it if I could find a store downtown with a copy! argh #
  • @drkiki everytime I look in the mirror :( Then I realize I can and everything is good again! :D #
  • @Marri I got my copy! I went on a hunch and scored…all is right with the world.. #
  • Its about time I finished that song.. to the guitar!! (points and makes a wooshing noise) #
  • @andybauman BELIEVE IT! It’s awesome! #
  • Coworker: “I have the best girl being raped scream, ever…” #
  • Negative: I didn’t much writing done.. worked some ideas around. Positive: Learned Springsteen’s “Nebraska.” Love that song.. +1 to setlist #
  • is playing Fable II. http://raptr.com/jwalsh #
  • @trixie360 LOL not sure honestly. He’s in a few. I guess the spagetti approach works #
  • eBay auctions confuse me. Black MacBook goes for (after shipping an insurance) the same price as a new one. Why not just walk into a store? #

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