Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-10-22

  • Chuck Pahlaniuk’s “Haunted” optioned for film.Not surprised but excited to see it. Wondering who would be mr whittier. via @cinematical #
  • ? ? ? ?. I sure as shit do love you and I cuss because I mean it, and for that, in my heart, I am hopeful ? ? ? ?. #
  • @Marri after all that you actually get to play it and I’m left empty handed… life is cruel.. lol #
  • @Marri cheers.. enjoy it! Hopefully I can procure a copy tomorrow. #
  • cool! I just noticed my pip boy iphone theme has an animated scan line./vertical hold effect. Its neato! #
  • Watching criminal minds and is thinking @wilwheaton is creepy as hell in it. Good job! #
  • @Marri cool tats! #
  • Oh fuck! The Sheild is aweeeeesome! #
  • is playing Saint’s Row. http://raptr.com/jwalsh #
  • @jeffcannata I KNOW!!! IT”S HITTING THE F’IN FAN! #
  • So… attempt number 2… 4 stores.. still no fable 2.. WAAAAAAAAAA! #
  • lol.. my friend is giving me grief on goodreads over my obscenely slow reading habits. http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/23737082 #

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