Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-10-16

  • @DannyTRS I know… it’s amazing! #
  • In case you’re wondering.. choking a bit on curry sauce and have it end coming out your nose is an interesting experience #
  • @willw havent played it yet but heard amazing things.. I’m holding out for Fallout 3. I’m keeping myself to just one game a month. :D #
  • the new macbooks are slick.. but I want to hear about potential new imacs… Macworld, maybe? #
  • @Marri It hasn’t had any eats the few times I’ve been dragged there against my will.. #
  • @Marri run across to Ferris’! :D #
  • Did I hear that right? John Mcain wants to fight autistic kids? That hardly seems like a fair fight. Maybe if there were like 20 of em. #
  • God damn this has been a shitty week so far.. ugh. I have a nasty habit of not letting the past stay passed. Song writing makes it worse. #
  • @davethebrave371 I’m having that kind of week too.. shitty! #
  • renewing my live subscription for the year… can it be free already? #
  • at work: “You missed your car.” :Well thats not my problem.” “Actually, it is.” #
  • @steveTRS “DeadSpace: Brought to you by Huggies” #
  • @tomippen drink more.. it makes it easier.. trust me .. Lots lots more. #
  • is playing Saint’s Row. http://raptr.com/jwalsh #
  • Find myself in a viscous see saw between hopefull idealism and cold hard cruel rationalism. #
  • It’s messing with my head and making me depressed. Sigh cest la vie #
  • First run with the (now free) app run keeper. #
  • is playing Saint’s Row. http://raptr.com/jwalsh #
  • Got my new glasses… I feel pretty… oh so pretty! #
  • IRONIC: Someone listing writing as an interest but misspelling it. #
  • it’s amazing how fast the weather can change…. metaphorically I mean. #

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