Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-09-29

  • @ryleyleckie always looking for a new pizza place. What is your place of choice? #
  • @universesimon record that. I think you’ve got a hit. #
  • @Marri oh yes.. debacle indeed.. imagine being at the heart of a taxi operation during such events.. a little crraaazy! X[ #
  • I like my new profile background… vacuum tubes ftw. #
  • 7.5 hours down… 8.5 hours to go. #
  • watching the Unit premiere… shit is already off the hook! #
  • @davidstripinis careful. you may explode their brain… #
  • 12hrs down…. 4 to go. #
  • @davethebrave371 best thing I’ve read all night.. and yes it does sound sexual.. ewwwwww. #
  • hour 15.. tick tock.. tick tock.. #
  • My work is done here… now to go home and pass out. Unless I can’t make it the four blocks and end up face down in a streetside flower pot. #
  • ugh… getting bitten by the nhl 09 dirty disc error again? After that great game? But I cleared my cache and disabled autosave! bollocks. #

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